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who are we

We are the company C.B.M, created since 1978 which is part of the group M.P.B.S listed on the stock exchange.

Our company C.B.M which opens in the import of taps, sanitary products and by-products for the bathroom.

We will be very honored of a future collaboration between our two groups and we hope a future contact with your collaborators and directors and our company C.B.M in order to better present our wide range of products for your projects of real estate promotions.

CBM is part of the MPBS, a group based in Sfax and listed on the stock exchange since 2013, operating in the following activities:

M.P.B.S: specialized in the transformation of wood, the manufacture and ennoblement of a wide range of wooden panels and the provision of machining and custom work.

 HABITAT: specialized in armored and fireproof doors, parked and decking boards.

 SPECTRA: specialized in the installation of photovoltaic panels.

ENERGIKA : specialized in the field of renewable energies and the distribution of photovoltaic system components.

 SCIAF: wood processing industry, log sawing and wood drying.

 M.B.S : specialized in the import of red, white and noble wood from Sweden, Finland, Austria and Africa.

Years of experience
Satisfied customers

Participation of the CBM Sanitaire in the 15th edition of the International Building Exhibition “Carthage 2022”.

CBM's participation in the National Exhibition Center of Chargia, Tunis