The Comfort you've never felt before accompanied by a wonderful touch of luxury.

Since our launch, we have had a very specific mission: to provide premium quality for our customers. To achieve this, we have used the best European suppliers who market their products in the 5 continents. All available products are crafted to a high standard and precise feel on every detail. Likewise, our partners are known for quality and luxurious design and have been able to certify their products to rank well in the high-end market.
The magic action

CBM technology is characterized by a very powerful antibacterial action. This makes your sink more hygienic and refreshing and provides healthy and clean air in your kitchen.
The importance of an antibacterial action:
The sink is not only used for dishes, we also use it as a space for the preparation of our food and following this use the sink can transmit bacteria. And there CBM can help you avoid this risk thanks to this technology which brings security to your families.
Bad odors can sometimes form in our sinks and these odors are mainly caused by bacteria that thrive in hot and humid conditions. Thus, the antibacterial action helps to reduce unpleasant odors on the sink, in the environment under the sink where the organic waste bin is located and in the surrounding air, hence contributing to a healthier and fresher air in the kitchen.

A fully antibacterial sink:

In order to benefit from a fresher and cleaner sink between each use, do not settle for normal cleaning and hygiene practices, the antibacterial action is very important to reduce the development of bacteria.
The antibacterial action of CBM comes from the nanoparticles that are integrated into the entire mass of the product. These particles make it possible to maintain its action even with washing and over time and also in the event of wear or scratching of the surfaces. In addition, they guarantee a long-lasting and effective antibacterial action.

Environment friendly products:

Our products prove that protecting the environment is our priority.
Indeed, CBM has always encouraged respect for energy resources through the manufacture of products that promote responsible use.
And thanks to its ecological awareness, CBM has completely reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by using electricity from 100% renewable sources such as hydro, solar, etc. This energy avoids nearly 3 billion kg of carbon dioxide per year in our atmosphere. Thus, by comparing renewable and non-renewable energy we find that for each kWh of green energy used we protect the atmosphere about 300 grams of carbon dioxide that can be emitted by the use of non-renewable energy (produced by gas, oil, coal, etc.).
Even within our production cycles, the water used is treated using special resins in closed cycle treatment tanks, from which sustainability is always evident.
CBM stands out by obtaining the “Zero Emission Company” certification, which certifies the implementation of all actions aimed at the total absence of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, a healthy and comfortable environment improves the quality of life of operators and subsequently improves the quality of the product that benefits from it.

The art of directing

Our supplier Nobili was able to achieve a premium quality level thanks to a production line equipped with the latest technologies on the market. In-depth reflection and a sense of detail have allowed it to position itself well in relation to its competitors.

Mechanical works

All the stages of the realization are well controlled, which ensures complete accuracy, a determining element for the furnishing of the most glorious houses and hotels in the world.